Selected articles and reports


These selected PDF documents were created in LaTeX or Rmarkdown.

  1. Garcia BA, Aragón TJ, and Scientific Leadership Team. Syringe access, disposal and recovery to protect the public’s health.; 2018. Available from
  2. Aragón TJ and Garcia BA. We will be the best at getting better! An introduction to population health lean.; 2017. Available from
  3. Aragón TJ. PDSA problem-solving: With a gentle introduction to double-loop learning, program theory, and causal graphs.; 2017. Available from
  4. Aragón TJ. Deriving criteria weights for health decision making: A Brief Tutorial.; 2017. Available from
  5. Aragón TJ. Practical LaTeX for the health sciences.; 2016 update. Available from
  6. Aragón TJ. What is your leadership equation? Available from Dropbox link (2015)
  7. Aragon TJ, Garcia BA. Outbreak of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O157 infection associated with a restaurant. San Francisco Department of Public Health; 2013. Available from
  8. Aragón TJ, Mier HM, Payauys T, Siador CS. Project management for health professionals.; 2012. Available from
  9. Aragón TJ, Reingold A. Epidemiologic concepts for the prevention and control of infectious diseases. eScholarship; 2011. Available from
  10. Aragon TJ, Crawley A, Martinez-Rubin N. The seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccination assessment toolkit. eScholarship; 2010. Available from

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