How to give advice for lower-risk cannabis use

Introduction As a parent, sometimes I have given overly-cautious advice like: “The only way to guarantee not having a ‘drug problem’ is to not use drugs.” While the statement is true, it is totally useless advice for those who choose to experiment or consume a psychoactive drug with the potential for problem use.1 A better approach is to provide factual, evidence-based guidelines after the “overly-cautious advice.” Fortunately, Fischer et al.

Cannabis legalization in San Francisco: A health impact assessment

Kudos to Cyndy Comerford and Max Gara from the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Program! Also, special acknowledgments to Michelle Kirian and Erik Dove for their important contributions. Excerpt from the Executive Summary On November 8, 2016, California voters passed Proposition 64, the “Adult Use of Marijuana Act.” This proposition made it legal for individuals age 21 and older to use, possess, and make non-medical cannabis available for retail sale.