Applied Epidemiology with R (course)

Public Health 251D: Applied Epidemiology Using R, Fall, 2018

UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Division of Epidemiology
Mondays 4pm–6pm, Barrows 587
Berkeley Academic Calendar:

This is an intensive one-semester introduction to the R programming language for applied epidemiology. This year we will be experimenting a population health data science perspective. Population health is “a systems framework for studying and improving the health of populations through collective action and learning.” Data science is the art and science of transforming data into actionable knowledge. Population health data science (PHDS) is “the art and science of transforming data into actionable knowledge to improve health.” The key words are actionable knowledge

Syllabus is available here.

Online book is availabe here.

Week 1

Read Chapter 1

Population Health Thinking with Bayesian networks

Introduction to R for Epidemiologists

Tomás J. Aragón
Health Officer, City & County of San Francisco; Director, Population Health Division