Respirator and face covering to protect against coronavirus and poor air quality

Because of poor air quality due to local wildfires we may need to wear N95 respirators. In this 2-minute YouTube video (also below), I show you how to use the 02 Canada respirator to protect yourself against poor air quality, and to protect yourself and others against coronavirus-19 (SARS-Co-V-2). This is not a commercial endorsement. What I demonstrate works with any N95 (or higher grade) respirator (e.g., Envomask, selected 3M, etc.).

I demonstrate with my personal respirator because disposable N95s are not available due to supply shortages.

For the face covering I used a Golden State Warriors face covering with an elastic head band. If you need a face covering with an adjustable head band, then you might try the Vanguard FC which I also use.

BTW, the background is first-grade Filipino bilingual class my wife teaches online for the SF Unified School District (SFUSD).

Tomás Aragón
Tomás Aragón
Health Officer, City & County of San Francisco; Director, Population Health Division

I exercise legal authority to protect and promote equity and health, and I direct core public health services.

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