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Tomás J. Aragón

Health Officer, City & County of San Francisco; Director, Population Health Division

San Francisco Department of Public Health


Welcome! I am the health officer of the City & County of San Francisco, and director of the Population Health Division (PHD) at the Department of Public Health. Striving to embody and promote the universal values of dignity, equity, compassion and humility, I work to convene, connect and catalyze communities and institutions to transform narratives, policies and systems toward a sustainable culture of equity, healing and health for all people and our planet. As health officer, I exercise leadership and legal authority to protect and promote equity, racial equity, climate action and community health. As PHD director, I direct public health services. I also teach population health data science at the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health and I maintain this blog with a focus on equity, leadership, lean, and data science.

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  • Equity, antiracism and racial justice
  • Population health and health equity
  • Leadership development
  • Lean transformation
  • Data science


  • MD (Medicinae Doctor), 1987

    Harvard Medical School

  • MPH (Master of Public Health), 1988

    Harvard School of Public Health

  • DrPH (Doctor of Public Health), 2000

    University of California, Berkeley

  • Strategic Decisions (certification), 2016

    Stanford University